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About the ProjectSAM Downloader

The ProjectSAM Downloader is used to download and prepare all Direct Downloads purchased at the ProjectSAM website. This application allows you to monitor your download as well as pause and resume it at any time. The ProjectSAM Downloader requires Windows XP or Windows 7, or Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.

ProjectSAM currently uses five fast Amazon S3 servers spread across the globe:

  • US East-coast
  • US West-coast (California)
  • Europe (Ireland)
  • Australia (Sydney)
  • Asia (Tokyo)
  • South America (Sao Paolo)

The ProjectSAM Downloader automatically chooses the closest and fastest one for you, based on your location.

  1. Get the ProjectSAM Downloader for Mac or Windows and launch the application.
  2. Enter your ProjectSAM username (your e-mail address) and password.
  3. You now see an overview of all items that are available for download.
  4. Click 'download all' to queue all items and start downloading the first one, or click an individual product box to download that one onlu.
  5. Agree with the end user license agreement.
  6. Select a destination for your the library. This can  be on any hard drive, including external ones. You can create new folders if required.
  7. Downloading will now start. You can monitor its progress, the estimated time remaining and the average speed.
  8. Each download consists of a number of compressed parts that are downloaded in a queue. After all parts have been downloaded, the ProjectSAM Downloader will extract them.
  9. When finished, the ProjectSAM Downloader will show you how to start using your Direct Download in Kontakt. This comes down to adding the library to Kontakt and activating it using your product serial number. Video tutorials of these last two steps are available.
Important OS X note
When using the ProjectSAM Downloader under OS X, please make sure you select a 'Mac OS Extended' formatted drive as destination. If you choose a FAT32 formatted drive, performance may be slow and the Downloader may get unresponsive.
Pausing a download
To temporarily pause your download, click the 'Pause Download' button.

Resuming a download
To resume a paused download, click the 'Resume Download' button.

In case of a slow download speed
We use Amazon's S3 servers in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia, which are generally very fast. The closest server is chosen base on your location.
However, download speeds may still vary depending on time and location. If you are experiencing an unusually slow download speed, please try pausing the downloader and resuming it again. You will not loose any progress this way.

If a part fails to download
If a part fails to extract after downloading, the Downloader will automatically re-download that part. It will then attempt to extract the library once more.

Quitting the ProjectSAM Downloader
The ProjectSAM Downloader can be safely quit during downloading. Next time you start the tool, it will resume downloading where it left off. Please note that if you quit the Downloader during extracting, it will have to start over this process. The download itself will stay in tact.

Cancelling the entire download
To stop your download and delete all files that have been downloaded so far, click the X button.

In case of an interrupted download
The ProjectSAM Downloader periodically checks your internet connection. If the connection is lost it will prompt you and give you the option to either fix the connection and continue or quit the tool.

In case you accidentally closed your laptop
The Downloader may not automatically resume downloading after closing and opening your laptop. If this happens, simply click 'Pause Download', then 'Resume Download' and it will pick up right where it left off.

Privacy notes
The Downloader securely stores your IP address, computer platform, download progress and the size of the extracted Library in your ProjectSAM account.

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