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How do I install the Orchestral Essentials 1.1 update?

If you need assistance installing the new 1.1 Orchestral Essentials update, please watch this step-by-step video.

Is Orchestral Essentials compatible with Kontakt 4?

No. Orchestral Essentials requires Kontakt 5.3 or Kontakt Player 5.3. The free Kontakt Player 5.3 is included with your purchase.

I already own some of your products. Do I get a discount on OE?
This depends on the products you own. Please visit the OE product page for an overview of the cross-grade and upgrade offers.
I have Orchestral Essentials and wish to buy one of your other libraries. Do I get a discount?
Yes you do. Please visit the OE product page for an overview of the cross-grade and upgrade offers.
If I buy the DVD version of Orchestral Essentials, is it possible to download it in advance?
Sorry, this is not possible because of the serial numbering and packaging of Orchestral Essentials.
I just added Orchestral Essentials to Kontakt, but it is not listed in Service Center for activation. I use Windows 7.
Please check your Windows user administrator rights. If you have more than one Windows account, make sure that the account in which you are using Kontakt and Service Center has full administrator rights. After changing your administrator rights, restart Kontakt and click Activate in the Orchestral Essentials panel. The library should now be listed in Service Center.
What is the difference between the Ableton Pack Orchestral Ensemble Essentials and Orchestral Essentials?
- The Orchestral Ensemble Essentials Ableton Pack is a 900 MB selection from our Symphobia library. It uses the Close mics and was created specially for Ableton Live 8.
- Our Orchestral Essentials library is a 12 GB selection from a variety of our other libraries. It uses mostly the Stage mics and has been created for Kontakt 5.
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