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FAQ Symphobia

Is Symphobia compatible with Kontakt 3?
Symphobia version 1.3 is no longer compatible with Kontakt 3. Kontakt (Player) 4.2.4 or higher is required.
Is Symphobia compatible with PowerPC Macs?
No. Symphobia is formatted for Kontakt 4, which requires an Intel Mac or Windows PC.
Does Symphobia contain samples from Orchestral Brass Classic?
No. All brass recordings in Symphobia are COMPLETELY NEW. The concept of both libraries is different. Symphobia features full-brass ensembles covering the full keyboard. Orchestral Brass Classic features brass samples per section and per instrument.
Does Symphobia include percussion samples?
No. Symphobia does NOT include separate percussion instruments or samples. However, some percussion is featured as part of certain orchestral patches, such as strings brass timpani staccato hits. For multi-sampled percussion please check out TRUE STRIKE series.
Does Symphobia include separate instrument recordings?
The concept behind Symphobia is an ensemble approach to the orchestra. The various instruments were recorded and sampled as larger, pre-arranged groups. Although a smaller selection of instruments was also recorded individually, Symphobia's focus is on ensemble recordings.
Is Symphobia a locked sample library?
Symphobia's audio pool is locked and stored inside encrypted Kontakt NKX files. All other program elements are unlocked and can be edited using a full version of Kontakt.
I saw Symphobia offered at an auction website. What are the risks buying this way?
First of all, please realize that some auction websites may offer illegal versions. Using an illegal version is a direct violation of our products' license agreements and against applicable law. If you do believe an auction website is offering a legitimate version, the main risk of buying it this way is that the that the product may have already been used by the seller. There is no way to check if it isn't. Without a proper license transfer you may run into problems activating the library with the serial number in the package. The serial number may have already been used. Another risk is that the package may have been opened and be incomplete, such as a missing DVD, manual or serial number. We strongly discourage you to buy our products at auction websites.
Some of the sounds used in Multis I cannot find as separate instruments. Why is that?
To make the Multis as interesting as possible, sometimes the individual sounds were tweaked using the Kontakt engine and effects. This means that some elements may not be found as separate patches in the Instruments folder. However, you can simply delete the other elements from a Multi and use that, or select an individual element in a Multi and save it as a new NKI file. We also gave each track inside a Multi a simple, non-technical name, so that you can quickly see what elements a Multi is made of. This means that the track names may differ from the ones in the Instruments folder.
How do I determine which version I currently have installed?
From version 1.3 onwards, it is easy: check the bottom-left corner of any loaded Symphobia instrument. For previous versions, there are some more steps involved: using Finder or Explorer, browse to your Symphobia Library folder and go into the Samples folder. If you see a file ending at 1_2.NKX, you have version 1.2. If you only see a file ending at 1_1.NKX, you have version 1.1. If you see neither of these files, you have version 1.0.
I updated Symphobia to version 1.3. Now it looks like I have both old and new instrument folders.
Please read the PDF instructions in your update package. Before running the updater, you should delete your old Instruments and Multis folders. Otherwise, the old and new versions will be merged. Alternatively, is also possible to move or rename your existing Instruments and Multis folders.
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