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ProjectSAM Classics
ProjectSAM Classics is our selection of well-aged, industry-acclaimed libraries at unbeatable prices.

True Strike, Orchestral Brass Classic... libraries that have proven themselves in numerous blockbusters, video games and countless productions throughout the years. After many rounds of development and improvement, they have reached the end of their development cycle and earned the Classics label. No more updates are to be expected, with the exception of forward compatibility with future versions of Kontakt.

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€149 / $159

Originally released in 2005 for Gigastudio and HALion Player, True Strike 1 has undergone many changes and improvements over the years, finding a solid spot in many orchestral templates. The last major update was in 2011, when True Strike was overhauled and converted into an official Kontakt Player instrument with a dedicated interface that allows for real-time mic mixing and direct access to the most important parameters.

From the original product page:

"ProjectSAM's True Strike series holds the original percussion libraries of choice for film, tv and game composers requiring cinematic, powerful percussion samples. True Strike, the first volume in the series, focuses on orchestral percussion. Offering 51 orchestral percussion instruments in multiple concert hall mic positions, True Strike is the only orchestral percussion library you will ever need."

"True Strike is permanent part of my palette. I use it in all my scores."
- James Newton Howard

"True Strike possesses unmatched musicality and realism. You can sense the presence of the player behind the instrument - not just the instrument itself."
- Brian Tyler


€129 / $139

Originally released in 2006 in Multiformat (Gigastudio, EXS, HALion and MachFive), True Strike 2 focuses on the more ethnic and effects-side of the percussion world covering Japanese and African drums, prepared piano, bowed cymbals and much more.

From the original product page:

True Strike 2, the second volume in the series, offers over 30 world and 28 effects percussion instruments covering everything to lay down the percussion track for your next chase sequence, horror scene or ethnic flavored score.


€99 / $109

Orchestral Brass Classic holds these initially released separate brass libraries:

ProjectSAM's adventures began in 2002 with SAM Horns: a dedicated French Horn section library, recorded in an ambient concert hall using 2 microphone setups and programmed for Gigastudio. Its ambient, cinematic sound was received with great enthusiasm by the composer community and set a new standard for orchestral sample recording. SAM Horns was soon followed by SAM Trombones, SAM Trumpets and Solo Sessions. In 2009, these four individual brass volumes were merged and re-issued as one Kontakt Player library: Orchestral Brass Classic. In 2012, Orchestral Brass Classic was updated once more, offering a Symphobia-style multi-articulation interface.

From the original product page:

Orchestral Brass Classic is the re-issue of the most respected symphonic brass series on the sample market: SAM Horns, SAM Trombones, SAM Trumpets and SAM Solo Sessions. Known for its ambient, cinematic sound, orchestral brass classic is the only brass library that no film, tv or game composer can afford to be without.


€99 / $109

Organ Mystique features 3 beautifully sampled, intimate and, at times, haunted sounding, Dutch church organs, offering an extended set of organ stops and registers.


€99 / $109

This library features a beautifully sampled concert harp, recorded in a concert hall environment. A variety of single note playing techniques and beautifully performed glissando scales and effects were sampled.

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