Symphobia Series

ProjectSAM Symphobia 2 - 2014 Edition - Symphonic Effects & Legato Ensembles
Sound on Sound: "orchestral samples with attitude, presented in instantly playable sections that can be a great inspiration for composing. It's safe to say that most users will find something they really enjoy in this large collection - and if absolutely nothing in it stirs you, it might be advisable to consider an alternative career in accountancy."
ProjectSAM brings you Symphobia 2, the sequel to the acclaimed original Symphobia
Symphobia 2 is more of what you've been missing in your orchestral palette. All-new orchestral effects, massive amounts of fresh and inspiring symphonic effects, exclusive legato ensembles with real legato transitions, Dystopia III and a brand-new interface. Symphobia 2 is the new no-brainer addition to the Symphobia series for any film, game or TV composer.
Symphobia 2 does NOT contain any samples from Symphobia. Both libraries hold unique recordings and material.
The adventure continues... with Symphobia 2.
If you own the original Symphobia, Symphobia 2 will greatly expand your possibilities. To name a few, the Symphobia 2 string section adds minor and major DXF trills, different lengths of crescendo-decrescendo, new crescendos and new spiccatos. If you liked the effects in the original Symphobia, you are going to love the ones in Symphobia 2! Having covered the basis, we could explore the world of orchestral effects further and look for interesting new sounds and more specific techniques. Symphobia 2 also offers real legato transitions for orchestrated sets of instruments. Various differently arranged ensembles were captured performing legato intervals, playing in unison or octaves, and were meticulously edited and scripted.

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Symphobia 2 - 2014 Edition DL list prices: €599 (ex 21% VAT) or €724.79 (inc 21% VAT) / $699
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