How do I install my ProjectSAM library?

Make sure to follow these installation steps or watch this short video tutorial.

How to I update my ProjectSAM library?

This video shows you how to update your Symphobia library to version 1.6.

I cannot open your app in OS X. It says the app is from an unidentified developer.

Apple has security feature called Gatekeeper that might prevent from opening our applications. Either lower Gatekeeper's security settings (System Preferences > Security & Privacy) or overrule them just for this app:
1. Right-click or Control-click the ProjectSAM app
2. Select Open from the contextual menu that appears
3. Confirm that you wish to open the app

My serial number is locked. What do I do?
If the NI Service Center prompts you that your serial number is locked, this means you reached the maximum number of activations for this serial number. To free up activations of systems you no longer use, please contact us directly.
I want to copy my library to a different computer. How do I do this?

To do this, simply copy the entire Library folder to any location on the new computer, e.g. using a network connection or an external drive. Then, on the new computer, register it in Native Access like you did on the original machine. Make sure to use the same NI account, as a serial number can only be linked to one account.