On how many computers can I install one product license?

Our EULA allows you to install, activate and use each library on a maximum of 3 computers at the same time.

What happens if I have used up the max amount of activations?

If you have used up the maximum allowed amount of 3 activations per license (3 computer installs) and need to replace one of these activations because of a system format, replacement or upgrade, we can deactivate unused licenses for you. Please contact us directly for assistance.

What happens if I have to format or replace a computer?

In our EULA it says that you are allowed to install, activate and use our libraries on a maximum of 3 computers. If a computer needs to be formatted or replaced, you do not lose any activations. If an activation is no longer used, we can deactivate it for you. Please contact us directly for this.

Is it possible to sell my library?

A ProjectSAM license can be transferred to another person once. To legally do this a license transfer is required. Please download the license transfer form here. ProjectSAM charges a €25/$30 fee (+ VAT for EU citizens without a VAT number) per license transfer. More information can be found in the license transfer form document.

Can I purchase additional licenses?

If you wish to use one of our products on more than 3 computers, an additional license is required. These side-licenses can be purchased for 50% of the individual library's list price. Please contact us at for more information.

Does a student discount come with any limitations?

No! Libraries purchased with an educational or student discount come with a full license. In other words: you are allowed to use the library in a commercial context. Better still: after you graduate you can keep using the same license.