Orchestral Brass Classic

What is the re-released Orchestral Brass Classic library?
ProjectSAM Orchestral Brass Classic is a re-release of the SAM brass libraries that were previously available separately: SAM Horns, SAM Trombones, SAM Trumpets and SAM Solo Sessions. These four libraries were merged into one product with updated programming, new features, Kontakt scripting and a Kontakt Player license.
I already own SAM Horns and SAM Trombones. Can I upgrade to Orchestral Brass Classic?
Yes. There are multiple upgrade paths available, depending on how many of the four previous brass volumes you already own. If you already own SAM Horns and SAM Trombones, then the 2x upgrade is for you.
Can I apply the 2009 1.1 update to my older SAM brass libraries?
Unfortunately, you can't. The 2009 1.1 update is compatible only with the Kontakt Player-based re-release of the brass called Orchestral Brass Classic. Multiple upgrade paths to this re-release are available.
I applied the 1.1 update, however when I open an old project, all Kontakt programs are still version 1.0. Is this correct?
Yes, this is correct. When you save a project in, say, a sequencer, all Kontakt instrument information and settings are saved with the project. You can compare this to a custom Kontakt Multi for each project. The instrument information is unique from this point on.
If you wish to use the new 1.1 programming you need to remove and reload the Kontakt instruments in question. The big advantage is that existing projects will playback exactly the same way and won't be touched by any instrument updates.